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Health & Fitness

GRIND365 is a Cape Town based Health & Fitness Organization that offers a wide range of training methods to fit and reach any goal! 

Daily "Grind": The difficult, routine, or repetitive tasks of daily work. Yes, we all face our daily challenges, Health & Fitness is one of them! Our aim is to make this vital task easy and part of your daily lifestyle. We want to inspire you to conquer, yourself, every day. We want you to have a clear understanding of your Health & Fitness needs. We want to establish a trusted brand in the Health & Fitness Industry by offering easy access to personalised Health & Fitness services and products to anyone. 

GRIND365 was established to create an organization and trusted brand for health professionals alike to offer their services. GRIND365 is committed to obtaining only the best and true in professional advice and training.

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A traditional 30 year old butfhery.
Karoo Lamb, Grain fed beef, Chicken & Dutch products galore. Only A grade products are used. Our Wors is world famous and travels there too! And kept frozen to Antartica! 

Fonnie, your specialist butcher, was farm raised in Namibia and is trained as a environmental & food inspector. 

We only stock the best quality products, for you!




Run by friends and fish-lovers Liz and Ren, Mother City Fish is a boutique business that sources local seafood fresh off the boats. Through family connections with a fishery based in Hout Bay, we retail a selection of fish such as hake, silverfish, yellowtail, yellowfin tuna and kingklip. Freshness is imperative and we take the process of delivering fish to our customers very seriously. By removing the many links of the cold chain used by supermarkets and food retailers, we’re able to deliver ocean-fresh fish to your door no more than a day after it was caught.
Born from a desire to bring beautifully fresh and locally caught fish to consumers, Mother City Fish started as a small WhatsApp group notifying family and friends of whenever we landed a catch. Overwhelmed by the support from those who were tired of the poor quality of seafood in supermarkets, we are now a fully-fledged fish supplier – offering not only seafood but also other local food products like the popular Pesto Princess and Santa Anna’s ranges. By keeping our seafood local and not importing items such as prawns or Norwegian salmon, we can keep prices affordable and portions generous.




Fair Cape is a family-owned business renowned for uncompromising quality and a commitment to ethical business practices.
The origin of Fair Cape Dairies as a business can be traced to 1675 when the first Loubser arrived in the Cape and started farming. In 1876, the Loubser family bought Welgegund and intensified their farming operations. 145 years later, the current owners of Fair Cape are the 5th generation on Welgegund and the 6th generation of Loubsers are establishing themselves on the farm to continue the Fair Cape story.



Herbs and Spices

Established in 1946, Atlas Trading Company is a purveyor of fine spices, rice and rare products from across the world. Located in the heart of Bo Kaap in Cape Town, Atlas Trading Company is a family-owned business.



Organic Farm

Farmer Angus is one of two grass fed, pasture-reared beef producers in the Western Cape. His onsite butchery is, however, the only one processing the beef that is produced on his farm. Biodynamic and regenerative agricultural principles and practices are applied in the raising of the farm’s animals which includes cattle, pigs, broiler chickens and laying hens, as well as vegetables and wine.

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Brown’s Bites is a privately held and owner-operated, family-based enterprise.  We specialise in handmade old-fashioned sweets and slices, taking you on a trip down memory lane.  Each block  is a masterpiece, a bite size goodie that brings you a little sweetness for everyday life.

Brown’s Bites was founded in 2000 by Marisa Oosthuizen.  While still a home economics teacher, she embarked on a quest to create the perfect confectionery.  At home she mastered the art of creating the exceptional creamy fudge we know today and sold it at school for their school fund.  The humble beginning slowly grew into a dream of owning a family business.  Since then Johan, her husband and former Springbok rugby player, joined the business as a partner.  Their team works with passion and pride to provide the customer with a safe, quality product.



Turkish Delight

Petra Turkish Delights is inspired by the timeless delight that has been loved by people all over the world for decades, Turkish delight comes from the year 1717 and is originally a Middle Eastern delight that needs to be cooked with precision and time and that is just what we do. We select the finest ingredients to deliver the finest delights for your enjoyment. 
We cook our Turkish delight fresh every day, it is completely vegan, no gelatine, no preservatives.



Natural toiletries & cleaning products

Earthsap has been a manufacturer of earth-friendly toiletries and cleaning products for more than 20 years, working continuously to improve their earth-friendly formulas, giving you a completely safe and toxin-free alternative to conventional cleaners and cosmetics. The proudly South African products from Earthsap have been formulated with the help of skilled microbiologists and are made using pure plant oils and other natural ingredients.
You’ll find no synthetic fragrances, irritants or allergens in Earthsap’s body care products; they’re completely chemical-free and gentle. The household cleaning range is the same, with no dyes, chlorine bleach or harmful chemicals – which means no fumes or residues. They’re safe for your family, your pets and the environment, and because they’re biodegradable, they won’t cause any harm to aquatic life or marine plant growth. Earthsap strives to keep bringing South Africans an effective, eco-friendly alternative to household cleaning and skin care, ethically produced and not tested on animals.



General merchandise

Classic Wholesalers aims to supply Traders throughout Southern Africa with a wide range of products at good value for money prices. We are a unique wholesaler catering to every requirement - from stationery, home and giftware, to tools, pet goods, toys and confectionery. We are continually bringing in new lines to keep our ranges fresh and appealing. We offer you, the Trader, our vast range of exciting lines at very reasonable prices, as well as fantastic monthly promotions and specials. We strive for excellence, and our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff are always there ready to assist you.



Sustainable body care

“Milk & Honey to me is a brand and business of blessings and opportunities. It is a sign of hope and goodness. And in this world people need to see more of that. My mom always said to myself and my sister, ‘Don't come to me with a problem, come to me with a solution’, and that is what I strive to do in my everyday life.” 

“I’m just an ordinary girl with a heart for my community and environment.”

~ Summer-Skye




Founder of the Queen Bee Hairgrowth range and also a Hairstylist and owner of Ravaina Rain Studio: “I strive for Happy Healthy Hair and in my quest to find the best for Hair I came across this formula that has changed many people's lives. We have a  3 year track record of before and after results. We are so in love with the results! Now we get to share this with whoever needs help gaining their confidence back with their hair. Our Hair is the Crown we never take off and we deserve to feel beautiful when we look in the mirror.” 

Queen Bee is a fabulous product. We pride ourselves on sharing the good news about being able to revive your hair back to being youthful.




The Yokos story began in a small village by the name of Livilliers. This green oasis in northern France is where founder Eric Bedier grew up. Family meals consisted of ingredients straight from the surrounding farms and the energy Eric gained from eating organic, free-range and hormone-free produce was put to good use outdoors, where he would spend hours playing sports.

In 2018 and 2019, due to an overwhelmingly positive response and high demand for Yokos vegan yoghurt, Eric further developed Yokos’s unique recipes, adding almond and cashew-milk vegan yoghurt to its range. Few brands around the world boast such a multitude in non-dairy yoghurt alternatives.

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