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Remember the ‘olden days’ when it was all about community.


The local butcher, baker, sweet store….. all those smaller, specialist stores you entered where the shop owner who served you, knew your name, and you could ask them anything related to their products and they always had the answer (and a story!).  They were craftsmen, masters of the produce, born into the business with generations of skill, experience and tales of their craft passed down from generation to generation. 

We miss this. So do they.


They miss their neighbourhoods support and the people who knew them for their craft, those customers they looked after so well because to them their patronage meant everything, their community of customers who not only looked out for them but also for one another in the truest sense of community.

We went and found these stores, built a real community around them, and made them accessible to all who miss them. Our goal? To support one another to find success, to store shop owners enjoy their craft and for it to be enjoyed by others. Why?  Because this is how they become self-sufficient and able to spend more time with the people they love and less time fighting to survive. 


We call this community, the DNA Store!


The DNA Store is an online store that brings traditional shopping back.  A place where you can shop by store speciality, in one place, from store owners who are real craftsmen in their produce.  This is no cool and pretentious pop-up online shop, this is a modest and genuine community of passionate, traditional, producers, doing what they love and bringing it straight to you.


The DNA Store was born out of a nostalgic desire to take us back to basics. In a world where genuine craftspeople selling authentic produce got sidelined by mass production and the customers became a number and tossed around call centers, and unknowledgeable staff - we thought the world needed a place to go, a place where we’ve been (or heard of) before.  We strive to be that place.

Our values.

Stores, vendors and ambassadors must:
- have a strong focus on employees and treat them with respect

- not harm the environment

- treat customers/ clients with respect

- treat business partners with respect

- not be a fraudster

- not be a fly-by-night

- want to contribute to the wellbeing of other businesses in the DNA Business Community


If you feel meet our requirements and would like to apply, please contact us. Information you provide will ONLY be shared with our internal membership-selection team. Please note: meeting the criteria listed above does not guarantee that you will be accepted.





plural noun: craftspeople

a person who is skilled at making things by hand (used as a neutral alternative).



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