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We are DNA

Equipping businesses to prosper in the booming creative economy.


You know what? We’ve been there too! We’ve been stuck. Business stuck. That is why DNA exists. We realised almost every creative entrepreneur faces the same business challenges. 

We come from the management consulting fraternity of helping corporate companies grow and be better. We got sucked into using traditional ways to grow their clients' businesses. We got stuck in the corporate rat race and became aware of how un-human business had become.  Over engineered business methodologies, corporate politics, operational red tape, hierarchical and ego driven decision making. . . . . it nearly broke us! 

Business people ourselves, with experience in both the creative domain and business, we decided we needed to be part of the change we weren’t seeing.  We discovered that we weren’t alone in our dissatisfaction with the status quo of the business world.  We used that initial motivation and inspiration, that original spark to try something new, for those we are most passionate about - creative entrepreneurs!


DNA was born

We give businesses access to best-in-class business advisory.  A place to go equipped with real world experience that can advise, partner, mentor and up-skill their business, so that they can learn at their own pace and have sought after skills to be the best in their business.

Our Manifesto
We will specialise.

We will replace presentations with conversations.

We will diagnose before we prescribe.

We will rethink what it means to sell.

We will do with words what we used to do with paper. We will be selective.

We will build expertise rapidly.

We will hold our heads high.

Who started this?

DNA was founded by Candice Ruckstuhl and Alan Williams who both foster the entrepreneurial creative spirit.


They were encouraged to create DNA after realising the fading of the creativity in today's make-it-cool-and-ship-it-now culture.  It became obvious that the last thing the world needed was another design agency or consulting fraternity fighting for attention. The interests and nature of these we-can-do-that-too-generalist institutions will never align with our actual quality of life or beliefs.

100 Day journal

Our 100 day journal to develop a business community mindset.

Download our journal >>

Business is about observing things.

And about enjoying the boring stuff.

Business is something that makes people happy.

It is exciting!

There is a craftsperson in all of us

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