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The business revolution

We have been expecting you!

We believe it is time for a revolution in the business world, a time to stand together and support a new era of

human centered business. 

Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?


What's keeping you up at night?

DNA provokes, challenges and inspires entrepreneurs to radically rethink how they build and shape their businesses.

Let us introduce you to a way of work that unlocks business potential through well designed and

strategic business experiences. 


# human centered business tips, tricks and strategies that challenge outdated business models 

# win and keep more business, founded on positive experiences passed on by your people

# attract and motivate happy employees that are more talented, productive and innovative

# foster rock solid loyal relationships with your suppliers and vendors who add to your value


Humanising business is possible.

Establishing meaningful connections between businesses and people is an essential business hack for any future facing organisation. We asked why workplaces today aren't quite getting this right yet… and we decided to do something about it. 


We are co-creating and co-designing the business experience that is fast becoming the strategic advantage.


Human centered business . . . . . and it starts with YOU.


How can we help your business?
Improving business performance by solving challenges, creating value, and maximising growth.

Business founders, entrepreneurs, and organisational influencers - do you remember why you started your company, your profession?  You KNEW you had value, purpose, and you wanted freedom to express it everyday, so you created a business or place within an organisation that gave you this freedom and empowerment.

It's time to share that with the very people that your business encounters. After all, your ultimate success depends on theirs.

This endeavor is one of the most difficult things for a company to get right: a human centered business experience as a strategy for business.  It will be hard, push boundaries and you will re-think some of the fundamentals you have only assumed to date. Are you up for the challenge?


Business advisory

Business advisory services that solve niche business challenges you face.  Inspiring, equipping, and introducing entrepreneurs to a better way of work.

Connecting businesses

One genuine business relationship is worth a fistful of business cards.


Improving your business by helping you win more business, win over those clients YOU choose to have, do business differently, and break away from the traditional business approaches that are limiting your impact potential.

Changing lives


Work with us.  It begins with you.

Are we a fit?

Does your creative business match our values?


A strong focus on employees and treating them with respect.

Honour mutually beneficial relationships with customers, clients, business partners.

Committed to contributing to the wellbeing of the greater business community.

Not a fraudster.

Not a fly-by-night.

Do no harm to the environment.

Put others first.


We believe our businesses can meaningfully connect and achieve great things!

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